The Southwestern Schools Education Foundation welcomes and appreciates support at any giving level. If you are thinking about making a contribution to the SSEF, please consider the following:

Benefits to the Donor

  • Gifts to the SSEF are eligible for the highest tax deduction available.
  • Gifts to the SSEF will provide funding to help enhance the District’s programs and facilities, therefore, benefitting the SWCS students for years to come.
  • Gifts to the SSEF provide an additional source of funding for the District,and in turn, may lighten the local school tax burden.

Types of Donations:

  • Unrestricted Gift – This donation allows the Foundation to use the funds for any number of worthy initiatives.
  • Restricted Gift – You may request that your donation be utilized for a particular area of need, such as educational, technical, musical, or sports related.
  • Gift to the Endowment Fund – This donation will be placed in our long term endowment fund to grow, thus insuring the availability of funds in the future for the SWCS District.
  • Gifts in Kind – Depending on whether there is a specific need for any given project, gifts in kind, such as materials and services, would be welcomed.

Tax deductable contributions may be mailed to either of the following addresses.  All checks should be made payable to the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation.

Southwestern Schools Education Foundation

P.O. Box 103 • Lakewood , NY 14750

Chautauqua Region Community Foundation

418 Spring Street • Jamestown , NY 14701

Donate online at CRCF

The Chautauqua Region Community Foundation offers a convenient and secure option for making donations to the Southwestern Schools Education Fund. Below you can choose which fund you wish to donate to and use the link provided to make your donation through the CRCF website.


Southwestern Education Endowment Fund

Donate to Southwestern Education Endowment Fund

All gifts to the endowment fund are permanent.  Gifts are invested for growth and income with a portion of the income available to the Southwester Schools Education Foundation.    The purpose of this fund is to enhance the educational programs, initiatives, and capital projects of the district and for additional support of items in the annual school district budget that could not be initiated or maintained without private sector funding and charitable giving. Such educational programs and initiatives shall include extra-curricular activities.


Southwestern Education Non-Endowment Fund

Donate to Southwestern Education Non-Endowment Fund

Gifts to this fund are non-endowed and given without restriction.  Entire amount of gift will support the charitable activities of the Southwestern Education Foundation.

 If you would like to donate to the SSEF and would prefer the funds be directed towards a specific project, please fill out the Contact Us information and we will be happy to assist you with your request.